Florida High School Shootout

Michael Foss Tournaments

Top High School teams from throughout Florida are committed to participate in this year’s event. Please register early to avoid missing the opportunity, as limited space is available for this one-day event. You can choose to play two or three games.
The Florida High School Shootout features:
– National and local media and scouting services covering the event.
– Division II, JUCO and NAIA College Coaches in attendance.
– College officials, all games with three men crews
– Games are twenty minute halves / running clock. The last two minutes of the game are regulation / stop clock with the exception if a team is winning by more than 10 points. If a team is up by more than 10 points then the game continues with a running clock.
– Timeouts: Two (20 seconds) timeouts per half. If you don’t use them, you loose them. Each team receives an additional timeout for overtime.
– Foul shots: Fouled on a made shot will result in one point being added and play continues. Fouled on a missed shot, the player gets one shot for two or three points. After seven (7) team fouls a fouled player gets one shot for two points. In the last two minutes of the game foul shooting is the same as a regulation game using the 7 & 10 team foul rules (players must attempt all shots). Technical Fouls are all one shot for two points.
– Overtime: The first overtime is two minutes. A second overtime is sudden death/ the first team to score a point wins.

6300 Gulf Blvd.
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
Rate Code: Florida Shootout

6800 Sunshine Skyway Lane
St Petersburg, FL 33711
(727) 867-1151
Rate: $89.00
Rate Code: Florida Shootout

Team Rosters

This years event will have several scouting services in attendance. Please complete the online roster form.

Online Roster Form