Senior Showcase – Orlando

Michael Foss Camp

Orlando Showcase

Why participate in the Unsigned Senior Showcase?

There are two primary reasons to play in the Unsigned Senior Showcase. First, you have an opportunity to showcase your skills against other top talent in Florida in front of the college coaches, scouting services and media that have been invited. Secondly, you have a chance to make the All-Star team and travel as a member of the Florida Elite (2016) team that will play in events that are projected to have in access of 400 college coaches in attendance.

How do you showcase your skills at the Unsigned Senior Showcase?

There are three sessions in the Unsigned Seniors Showcase. The first session, with David Watkins of Pure Sweat, is a variety of drills that will test your skill level while teaching new techniques. The second and third sessions are playing games against other participants.

What is the All-Star team, how will participants be selected and where will they play?

All players participating in the two showcases (South Florida and North Florida) will be evaluated and graded by the scouting services and Florida Elite Coaching staff in attendance. Players from each of the showcases will then be invited to attend a final tryout. Once selected for the team, players will practice and then play in two events in April. The first is the HoopSeen Atlanta Jam at the Suwanee Sports Academy, April 15-17th. The second is the All American Availables Showcase – Atlanta (where players will compete individually). All expenses including travel, food and lodging for both events are paid for by Florida Elite Basketball, Inc

What staff will be at the showcase?

The Camp Director, Bob Horodyski and Workout Director, David Watkins will be assisted by four highly respected high school coaches in each camp. In addition, Florida Elite staff and coaches will be in attendance.

More about the two NCAA Evaluation events:

HoopSeen Atlanta Jam – Last year’s Hoopseen Atlanta Jam was one of the top tournaments in the country during the first NCAA Spring period. The event was attended by over 120 teams and over 200 college coaches.

All-American Availables Showcase – Top event in the U.S. for unsigned high school, prep schools or junior college players. Last year had over 250 college coaches in attendence with over 150 being Div.I.

How many players can participate?

Each showcase is limited to the first 80 players that sign up, so don’t get left out, either register online or mail in registration early.

Who can you contact for additional information?

Florida Elite Office – (813) 991-6445